Death Star Imperial Stout and Strong IPA brewed 4-23-11

I want to do these brewing posts on brew-day but it gets hectic, especially when you do 3 batches in a day. A few Saturdays ago Pat and I brewed an imperial stout, a strong IPA and a mystery/leftover beer. I only have the recipe for the Imperial Stout. This is the biggest beer I’ve made so far with a grain bill coming in at 22 lbs plus the addition of Molasses and 2lbs of amber Belgian candy sugar the OG was 1.112.   It’s a sweet sugary somomabiatch!

The mystery beer was a combination of the stout and the IPA mash leftovers plus the rest of the Colorado pale malt we had left over.  No og because we had a  hydrometer malfunction at the end of the day.  It tastes great –  like an amber with a hint, just a hint of darker malts.

Death Star Recipe details

Grain, Adjuncts, Sugars, and Extracts
17 lbs American 2-Row
2 lbs Candi Sugar (Dark)
2 lbs Flaked Barley
1 lbs Crystal Malt (120L)
1 lbs Special-B
0.5 lbs Dark Crystal Malt
0.5 lbs Chocolate Malt
0.5 lbs Molasses (Unsulfured)
0.25 lbs Roasted Barley
0.25 lbs Black Malt
25.0 AAUs (5.0%α x 5 oz.) Fuggles Boil (90 minutes)
Spices and Flavorings
reyeast from an oatmeal stout 64 oz starter  

General Recipe Information
Style: Imperial Stout
  Method:   All Grain
  Size:   5.5 gallons
  OG Min:   1.107
  OG Max:   1.131
Calculated Data
  AAUs: 25.0
  IBUs:   47.3

Mash Details/Rests
  Mash Type: Infusion
  Strike Volume:    7gal
  Strike Temp:    155
  Rest #1:   (Unknown)
Vorlauf/Sparge Details
  Vorlauf Length: 1 gal  
  Sparge Water Temp:  186  
  Volume to Kettle:  6.5  
  Sparge Length:  30m  
  Sparge Rate:    

Boil Details
  Initial Volume: 6.5 gallons
  Length:   60 minutes

I added the molasses and the candy sugar at the end of the boil after flame out. 

Brewers Note: This beer is Dark and Viscus you can really taste the molasses and the alcohol.


heating the strike water


Mash it good!


Get the lid on!



Shall we Vourloufe?

Oh ya !


Pat’s contemplation on Boil

Pat “I’m all steamed up” Collentine

Get it in there