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Ducks Update / Ducks vs. Chickens

The ducks have grown quite a bit in the last week.

They learn very fast!  Today we found and gave them some rolly polly bugs.  At first they were skeptical,  but after a minute or two one of them mustered up enough courage to gobble one down.   First bug snack!   Then the gossip began and they were all searching for these yummy living (and moving) snacks.

Today was also their first bath in a shallow pan of water.  Good times.  It wasn’t quite enough water for them to float around in properly but it was enough to get everyone really amped.   Tomorrow we’re gonna use a deeper pan and see how they handle it.  My buddy Wes found a kiddy pool in an ally by a dumpster for their pond.   Upcycle.   Once it warms up I’ll set up a little fenced area for them to play in.  I think its still to cool to let them too far away from the heat lamp. They don’t have their feathers yet, just fuzz.

According to Dave Holderread in his article Raising Ducks,  ducks are better layers than chickens!  Not only do they lay more but the eggs are usually bigger (around 5 -8 ounces more per dozen) AND they keep longer in storage than chicken eggs.  It is also true that a full grown duck does consume 20-30 percent more than a full grown chicken, but  the duck is a better forager and can get a lot of its food free range in the yard.   Ducks are also much hardier than chickens and can withstand cooler climates.